Monday, June 30, 2008

The Princess and the Cave Man

Those kids just make me laugh.  When we left them in Utah to go home to prepare for our move to Santa Fe, Grandma was willing to do anything to entertain them.  Ben got out of the bath one day and with the towel wrapped around him, he felt like a cave man and asked for a costume.  Not wanting Courtney to feel left out, Grandma let her design a costume too.  After studying the kids' sketches, these are the costumes she came up with.  

I used CTMH stamps for the titles and assorted stamps for the border on the large photo.  It was an interesting process making that border.  I stamped in clear to get a monochromatic look and then it looked kinda blah, so I colored it in with colored pencils.  It made quite a difference! 

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