Monday, August 11, 2008

Eggs a la goldenrod

Last Easter, Kyle took these pictures at Mom's house of the process of making my favorite Easter breakfast.  As I say in the journaling, Easter and this recipe go hand in hand.  This food is best at Easter (because of the colors that seep through the egg shells) and my day isn't complete until I eat this food.

I used my Stamped cricut cartridge for the title.  The paper and arrow and blue swirl are My Minds Eye from another Scrap Room kit. The flowers are primas, a love of mine. I used a Glaze pen to get a slightly embossed look to my hand drawn arrows from the ingredient names to their photo. The egg carton picture is popped off the page for emphasis.  I do this a lot lately--times sure have changed from my days as a Creative Memories consulatant.  My style has done a 180!

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debbie said...

Yay! Updates! How clever to take a picture of the recipe in that old cookbook. I am thinking about doing a layout of another tradition that we started when you guys were here over Memorial Day before you moved to NC. We eat Grandma Sheets' Oatmeal Brownies every Memorial Day. I scanned and printed a copy of the recipe card your Grandma gave to me. It's fun to have it in her handwriting. I will put it on a layout with each of us eating one of the brownies, and a picture of Cade crying because we wouldn't let him have anymore. Let me know if you need a copy of the recipe card. I have that one and Pickled Beets. Yum!