Monday, May 3, 2010

My Pink Stamper challenge #1: "Mother Dear I love you so" (Mom...don't look!)

I decided to try out the 12 challenges Robin, aka My Pink Stamper, posed this weekend for National Scrapbook day.  The first theme was "Mother, dear, I love you so."  My mom has always loved these photo boxes, and today I finally got around to making her one.  I'm going up to visit her soon to help her organize her photos...we'll choose some photos together to put in here.  Here it is:

The pages act as the walls of the box and the lid goes on top.  Super fun project, especially now that I have a scoring board! (I have the Martha Stewart one and I'm loving it!!)


Claire said...

So Super cute. I love these little boxes. Great job, I'm sure you Mom will love it!!

Chris said...

I made a photo box with our Disneyland pictures last year for my Mom. This year it was going to be very hard to top it so I just sent her roses.

Great job. I bet your Mom will lovce it as well.