Saturday, July 6, 2013

JS Frame Class projects

During this class we have been making framable photos, photos with frames especially for posting online, and dressing up photos to use wherever.  I have been using photos from our recent trip to Utah, Idaho and Yellowstone. Mostly Yellowstone. :)

Lesson 1: Create an 8x10 with two frames
Binoculars at Yellowstone to check out all the wildlife. We were glad to have them!
Lesson 2: Draw a black rectangular frame
This was our favorite place in Yellowstone. Amazing colors!

Lesson 3: Selective recoloring  
Yes, that is a Reese's PB Cup S'more.  You should try it sometime!

Lesson 4: Clipping mask frames
Do you know how long it took us to find these hot now? Krispy Kreme just isn't worth it otherwise. :)

Lesson 5: Burned edges
We didn't stop to see the Tetons, just drove past them and took a few pics. But they are a very impressive sight!

Lesson 6: Framing with Photoshop Brushes
OK, cheating a little here. This isn't a photo I took. My lovely sister-in-law Cate took some family photos for us a year or so ago.

Lesson 7: Polaroid Transfer clipping mask
A stream in Yellowstone. No animals, but still quite serene. The look we are going for here is the coming of spring. Granted, we were there in summer, but still. 

Lesson 8: Scuff, Tone and Bokeh

This is the base of a lodge pole pine tree in Yellowstone. We saw numerous upturned trees, many killed by the steam.  It was crazy to see how shallow the roots are on these trees. (I opted to leave out the bokeh because it just didn't look good with this photo).

Lesson 9: Aged photo with lens flare
This is Courtney on a parade float with her dance studio when she was 3. (There is a lens flare in the top right hand corner, but not much of one.) I thought this photo lended itself well to being aged.

Lesson 10: Final walkthrough and creating a pattern
I took this picture while backpacking two years ago. I can't decide if I love the final product or not. I experimented by trying the same settings on my picture that Jessica used for her sample, but tweaking them slightly. It reminds me of an old timey post card. I do like it better than the before, however.

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