Friday, August 9, 2013

Photoshop Tutorial: Make a outline font from a solid one...and fill it!

For our second installment of working with fonts, I will show you how to make an outline font and how to fill it. It is easier than filling an already empty font, as you will see. First, I found this great font. (Paper Cut Out from It is perfect because it is solid, thick, and so fun! Note: I did change the spacing between the letters, the tracking, with the character panel. Just to give me more options later on with the outlines.

Then I made a copy of the layer with cmd/ctrl+J and added a small stroke to the outside of the top layer.

 If you just want to make an outline font, go in and change the color of the text in this step to white and you can have this:
 If you want to clip on fun paper here,  there are a few more steps. After turning the outlined layer to white, clip patterned paper to the first (non-outlined) text layer. Then, on the outlined text layer, change the blend mode to multiply and the paper will show through!

You'll notice in this font tutorial, no rasterizing was needed. That means, if you want to change the text you can! Just be sure to change it on both text layers. ;)

Bonus: if you want to turn this one into a digi sticker, this will require just one more simple step. On the bottom text layer add a wide white stroke. Super simple!

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