Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Call me crazy...10 posts today!

Make that 11, including this post. I took a long break from posting projects on this blog and I am repenting of that. I decided to update my scrapblog with my favorite projects I've done over the past 6 months or so. I hope you enjoy them!

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debbie said...

Wow Karen! I just finished looking at everything. Great Job! Are you sure you're the same girl that once stood by the pool table in Don's and Carroll's basement and said, "Oh, I could never scrapbook. It just doesn't interest me..." ;) It just makes me laugh...I once considered myself "in the know" as far as scrapbook supplies and techniques went, and now -- I'm not sure I even consider myself a scrapbooker anymore. The only things I've done this year are my 2008 Review, and a little book for Cade. I used to think about what I couldn't wait to work on that night after the kids went to bed. Now I don't think about scrapping at all. At. All. I can't remember the last time I used my little desk. I told John we should just get rid of it and put the new keyboard we got in its place. (BTW, Ryan decided to choose the keyboard option instead of the orchestra violas here.) The only thing I'm doing consistently these days is my Project 365 (a Becky Higgins gem), which I am loving and will do every year. So funny...

So what kind of sequel Thanksgiving album are you thinking of for your mom?