Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back to school and back to me

In January I went back to school. With my kids gone all day and me trying to avoid housework, I finally got myself into some college classes. I'm not going for a degree or anything...I have a BS in Psychology and a Master of Social Work. What I really want is something to do to help me grow and not sit stagnating at home feeling like a really bad maid. It worked! My two classes have been just enough to help me feel excited again. What I have learned from my Yoga and Photoshop classes:

1. Yoga is not going to keep me fit. Relaxed, yes. Fit, not so much.
2. I am more flexible than I thought...and getting more so. Another benefit of yoga.
3. Photoshop is not the scary monster I thought it was.
4. I am actually pretty good at Photoshop and I am loving my class!!
5. Once again I must swallow my pride and rescind the statement that I could never be a digital scrapbooker. It only took several hundred dollars in software, books, and classes (online and in person) for me to figure that out. :)  That's ok. I have spent much more than that in paper supplies. If I eventually use up my stash I could transition even more to a digiscrapper. But the more likely scenario is that I will do a mix, including hybrid work.

So, I thought that while I am still excited about Photoshop, it would be a good idea to document what I am learning in my class to help me with my goal to make it a permanent part of my scrapbooking life. I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I can do pretty much anything I want to on there now!

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