Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Photoshop: Retouching and Masks

Apologies, Mom. In class when we were learning more about retouching, we used someone with wrinkles to learn to reduce the lines. So, I found this picture of you and thought I could practice my retouching on you. I love you Mom. :)

You'll notice that in the after, she still has some lines on her face, but they are hardly there. I wanted to make it natural, not give her plastic surgery. And I also worked a lot on color and lighting. The shadow behind her was too dark and blended in to her too much. And I also removed some color in her face. My teacher recommended working on the color of the skin behind the glasses to help it blend in to the rest of the face, and I tried to do that, too. This picture was taken at the wedding reception of her first granddaughter.

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