Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Photoshop: Retouching places

And with this post, I think I am finally caught up on sharing my Photoshop class projects. We continued learning about retouching and for homework needed to retouch something instead of somebody. Last week our family went to White Sands, where we encountered stink bugs. Turns out they aren't too keen on someone putting a ditch in front of them (a.k.a: drawing a line in the sand with a stick). Courtney had fun setting up this bug race, after the bug got up on it's haunches from her drawing the starting line. He was kind enough to stay there until we got the finish line drawn.  Unfortunately, our son Ben had fun making footprints in the sand and walked right through the middle of our race. Also, the day was overcast. Great for playing outside in the sand without the glare, not as good for lighting on our photos. Photoshop to the rescue!  I removed the footprints and made the white sand more, um, white. And I just had to throw in a close up of our little buggy friend.

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