Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Photoshop: Brushes

One of the Photoshop Week videos is about brushes. I played along with Khara (the teacher) and came up with a couple projects. The first one is a graphic piece using a brush I made from the truck photo I used on the beach composite. It also uses shapes built into Photoshop and a starburst brush I found online at brusheezy.com. It was fun playing with blend modes on this one. 

The other project I did was making a brush using Lorem Ipsum text in different fonts and at different angles. I turned it into a brush and used one large stamp of the brush as the background for this scrapbook page. I also used my mad retouching skills to remove my son rolling his eyes from this cute photo of my daughter Courtney and her best friend. Courtney wasn't too thrilled with the jibberish text in the background, so I used this chevron brush to cover it up to her liking.  The banner and flower are from the Persnickety Prints All You Need is Love kit. The butterfly is from their Storyteller kit.

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