Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Arts: Box/Case

Using leftover fabric scraps we learned how to make book cloth and cover book board to make a case to cover a book. I chose to stick with the black and white original colors of the fabric and use my case as a book itself. Once upon a time in my scrapbooking days I had learned about this waterfall style to flip pages and it seemed just the right way to add a lot of text to a small, thin space in an interesting way. The black and white and the waterfall led me to the concept of memory and I wrote a personal narrative about the history of Alzheimers in my family and the lifelong worry I have held surrounding it. (I am the cute little girl in the bottom right of the photos.)

Note: We used reversible adhesive in this project which ended up being  blessing to me because I was able to lift the fabric after I was done and add a magnetic closure to the case to help it to stay shut.

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