Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Arts: Flag book

Flag books are accordions with flags attached to the folds. You can open and close and flap the flags. When I made a model of a flag book I noticed that the accordion wasn't laying flat and the flags inside made this amazing swooping pattern that was fun to look at. I took my inspiration from the lovely shape of the book and eventually came up with this manger scene. It looked like hay inside a manger, especially once I figured out how to make these legs to hold the book in the right way to see the hay.  Then I switched the book to the flags on the outside and noticed the star that was formed. So obviously I needed to make a Christmas book! I had been working on this while working on my altered book project and came up with this nifty book stand that can hold the book in both orientations. Isn't this book just so much fun to look at?

Note: There are nativity scenes on either side of the manger and handwritten transcriptions of the Christmas story from the New Testament written on the accordion folds across the top.  The flags are different shades of yellow sprayed with a shimmery mist.

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