Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Arts: Triangle book

Paper bags are something we use quite often in the book arts classroom. When making models or when we need a cheap thick paper to use as a sample, or just for a gluing surface. As we made our in-class samples of the triangle book I decided to go with it. I love the imagery on Trader Joe's bags and I highlighted them here with my book covers.  The rosette and butterfly are also from the bag. I even made a mini bag to hold the first out of necessity to help hold the book closed but then I really liked it to carry the theme. Inside is homemade paper on which I did transfer prints of old grocery store lists and a photo of a grocer. Unfortunately, this was another learning experience because the photo didn't have enough contrast to come through with enough detail and you can't tell what it is. But I do love the look of this book. Trader Joe's has always been a fun destination for us!  (By the way, the book is 3 inches tall.)

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