Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Arts: Collaborative book (accordion)

Every semester Marci has the students in the class do a collaborative book project. This semester we had a botanical theme. The book form was using an accordion made of stained tyvek with pages glued to the mountain folds of the accordion.  The pages have windows cut in them for our two-sided 2"x4" individual pages to go in.  Some of the mini pages were translucent or transparent (such as the leaf collection shown here) and some of them were not. I chose to put the pages in different parts of the pages and because of the size of the paper I used for the book pages, I rotated the orientation of my book, so the spine is across the top. The trick on this book was finding a way to communicate to the reader how to orient and how to open the book. It took awhile but I finally found a way, with the rub-on letter title and the pull tab ribbon on the cover.

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