Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Arts: personal project

Around this time in class we learned a technique for making covers inspired by Daniel Essig. I used my covers in my final project, but at home I used the technique to make a simple little magic wallet/jacob's ladder book. I have this phrase that I use in an unconditional way that I have been wanting to use somewhere and this seemed like the perfect format. The phrase is: Be Kind. Rewind. A well known phrase to those of us who lived during the time of VCRs and video stores. But in a family with three energetic kids who sometimes yell at each other...this phrase has come to take on new meaning. I have our kids stop after yelling and rewind and try again to say what they want without the anger.

Daniel Essig's method is basically to glue objects to a cover board and then glue some thick paper down over top of the items, put on layers of paint, and sand away parts of the layers to reveal different colors. His books are usually pretty subdued browns and neutrals. I went a little crazy with color on this book but it makes me happy. :) I decided to try some pretty extreme objects under the paper and love that it worked. I used pony beads with letters on them to spell the word rewind and it worked out better than I thought it would. The papers on the back with the other quote are some paste papers I made with my leftover paint from painting the layers of color on the front covers.  I got quite a few paste papers out of that!

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