Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Arts: Dos-a-Dos

That's just a fancy spelling for Do-si-do, but the spelling used among book artists. A dos-a-dos is a book with two sides that you can open, read, and turn and keep reading. Over and over again.  Our theme for this book was contrast. I chose the contrast of old and new. Paper vs. digital. We learned about making transfer prints and I learned an important lesson: do a test print. My hypertext didn't transfer as it should have. I could have had a better image had I done a test. That is a lesson we learned over and over: make models first. Sometimes, however, I didn't have the patience.

The paper pages in this book are taken from an atlas, a dictionary, and a hymnal.  The SD card was our first: a paltry 32 MB, if I remember correctly. Can you imagine that now? 

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