Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Arts: Japanese Stab binding

Our next project was to make a Japanese stab binding. It was a little tricky at first realizing that it needs to be done just right for all the gaps to be sewn, but once you get it, it is a lot of fun. Our theme was receipts and record keeping, and I decided to be literal including actual receipts and pockets to keep papers. I tried a technique I had read about but never tried: fusing plastic bags. I learned a lot in the process and will do things differently next time (like using more layers of plastic on each sheet). This is my teacher's favorite book because it is so organic. The book is full of bags making pockets and the one page with the butterfingers bag is in there because on the day we were working on these books a classmate brought in this delectable treat to share and I washed it out to include it as a great pocket page. The yellow page with the "credit card" is fun because I sealed the pocket shut so you can't get the card out to use. (It is a fake card that came in the mail.)  I had a lot of fun assembling this book.

Note: The cover is made from one of those reusable shopping bags. This book is quite timely, it seems, because Santa Fe has been working on a ban of these plastic bags. It could be that this book will become a record of a relic of the past. :) Another good use of the theme "record keeping."

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